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Registration visitors to Virtual Nautic

UPDATE 13 March at 6.30pm: registrations are closed, thank you to all visitors, exhibitors and partners! ​

Step 1 - Fill out the registration form

Access to Virtual Nautic is free of charge, but prior registration is compulsory: this is so that you you will be able to download - in just a few minutes - the software required by your PC or Mac, and you can then create your avatar.

To do so, please first fill in the form below.

On this occasion, you will have to choose your day of visit

Once the form has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email explaining the next steps.


Step 2 (optional but recommended) - Familiarise yourself with Virtual Nautic's environment before the show begins.

Before the show, please note that you have the option of registering for a short demonstration session (lasting one and a half hours), using the form below (See the section "Getting to Grips with the Platform").

This is optional but we do recommend it, so that your  experience on the day is the best possible.

This will let you create your avatar, practice moving around with it, discover the platform's features and generally get a look at Virtual Nautic's show area.

Step 3 - Prepare your visit and make an appointment with the exhibitors

In order to optimise your visit, you can already see the list of our exhibitors, and request appointments with those you wish to meet, during the visit slot you have chosen. 


Step 4 - Visit Virtual Nautic on March 12 and 13, 2021

CASE 1: If you have participated in a demonstration slot, you will receive an email a few minutes before your visit slot to remind you that it is time to log in.

CASE 2: If you have not participated in a demonstration slot, you will soon receive by email the link to download the application that will allow you to visit Virtual Nautic. 

The day of your visit, you will receive an email a few minutes before the opening to remind you that it is time to connect.

After that, each of you will be able to discover what Virtual Nautic’s exhibition halls have to offer and to get in touch with the exhibitors.

We look forward to welcoming you..!